A mess in the Belgian national team

Defeat by Morocco in the second round of the World Cup turned out to be only the tip of the iceberg of problems for the Belgian national team. As reported by various media, the atmosphere in the Red Devils camp is disgusting and shows no signs of improvement. In particular, during the match Toby Alderweireld quarreled with Kevin De Bruyne. And on Monday, De Bruyne, Jan Vertonghen and Eden Hazard practically got into a fight at training. Romelu Lukaku was interviewed.

According to the media, the main reason for these events was De Bruyne’s interview. In which the 31-year-old told the Guardian: “Belgium are not capable of winning the World Cup because we are too old.” 35-year-old Vertonghen responded to this after the defeat against Morocco, saying: “We didn’t score because our attack is too old.”

After yesterday’s conflict, an urgent meeting of all players took place. But, as they say, it did not give results and took place in an extremely tense atmosphere. Another sign of tension is today’s extraordinary press conference. First it was announced that Yannick Carrasco and Arthur Teat would be present, then it was announced that they would be replaced by Vertonghen and Hazard, and already this morning it was announced that Vertonghen would be replaced by Thibaut Courtois.

According to the Belgian Nieuwsblad, many players feel that De Bruyne does not want to be present at the World Cup. Also, the French l’Équipe reminds that the problems in the team’s camp are not new at all. With De Bruyne and Courtois not on speaking terms for years, neither is Hazard with Vertonghen and Leandro Trossard.

The next match of the Belgian national team will take place on Thursday, December 1. The opponent will be the national team of Croatia. The Red Devils are currently third in the group, one point behind the Croatians and Moroccans and three ahead of Canada.

Vanat is the main forward of “Dynamo”‘

Journalist Ihor Tsyganyk shared his thoughts about Dynamo striker Vladyslav Vanat. The website Football Ukraine reports.

“As far as I’m concerned, now Vanat is the main forward of Dynamo. I talked about the fact that there were very high hopes for Besedin. Indeed, Luchesk had very high hopes for Besedin, but now Vanat is the main forward of Dynamo. And they found a forward, and this forward is scoring goals. Now taking a football player and putting Vanat on the bench is completely wrong.

As long as Vanat is going, you have to believe and trust him. I am sure that he will become the number one forward in Dynamo Kyiv and, perhaps, even in the national team of Ukraine. This is also the star that should be gradually introduced into the national team.

If you buy a forward now… Yes, they are looking for a striker, Dynamo is looking for a forward. If there is a good option, then, of course, no one will refuse. But deliberately spending huge amounts of money on a forward who can afford not to go somewhere to play later is not quite right,” Tsyganyk said on the air of his program.

Tsygankova will not leave “Dynamo” in the winter

Commentator Ihor Tsyganyk believes that Viktor Tsygankov will not leave “Dynamo” this winter. The website Football Ukraine reports.

“I think that Tsygankov will not leave “Dynamo” in the winter. I will explain why: Tsygankov’s contract expires in the summer, at this stage he has not re-signed the agreement. The president of Dynamo told me personally that he will make an offer and conduct negotiations with Tsygankov and his family in order to sign a new contract, so it doesn’t make much sense to sell it in the winter.

If the contract cannot be signed, then I think that in any case Dynamo will not let him go until the summer. Until the summer, he will play for “Dynamo”, if it is not possible to find a common position. Yes, Tsygankov can sign a preliminary contract already in the winter, but he will become a free agent only in the summer.

If it is possible to re-sign the “Dynamo” contract, then, I think, a clear clause will be written, the amount of the severance pay, for which Tsygankov will be released to another club. I think it will be around 15 million euros. I am speaking my thoughts now, nothing more,” Tsyganyk said.

My players deserve this victory

The coach of “Kryvbas” Yuriy Vernydub commented on his team’s victory over “Dniprom-1” in the 15th round of the UPL. The website Football Ukraine reports.

“The transition from defense to attack is what we wanted to see. I am very happy for each of the boys. For the fact that today they really deserved this victory. They showed that they can play on an equal footing with the leaders. It remains to do the same they also played against other UPL clubs.

Because there are disappointments. I hope everything will be fine with us. The main thing now is to play well in the last match against “Chornomorets” and rest from the season. And there, at the meeting, we will work properly and prepare for the second round,” said Vernydub.