Fiery Argentina

Denmark disappointed supporters

After the breakthrough at Euro-2020, the Danes were expected to achieve new victories already at the world level. The team got into an easy group, where it should have taken second place.

However, Yulmand’s wards showed absolute toothlessness in attack. The Scandinavians could not score against Tunisia, and the goal against the French was scored after a corner. Denmark scored just one point in those games and now only had to beat Australia.

The Scandinavians had the same problem in the playoff game. The team creates moments with great effort. and implementation is even worse. What’s more, Denmark also missed out and in the end ingloriously left the World Cup in last place in the group.

Pragmatic Australia repeated the success of 2006

Sokkeruz demonstrated almost the ideal of pragmatism at this tournament. Even in the game against the French, Australia was able to score first, but still crumbled under the onslaught of the star attack of the World Cup.

However, when Arnold’s wards met weaker opponents, their tactics worked to the full. In the matches against Tunisia and Denmark, the national team found its moments near other people’s goals and played reliably in defense. Despite the fact that the Australians were satisfied with a draw with Denmark.

For “Sockeruz” this is the second exit to the playoffs of the World Cup, the last time they qualified in 2006. Then in the 1/8 finals, they lost to the future champions, the Italians, due to a controversial penalty at the end of the game. Now Australia will have to play Argentina.

Tunisia impressed, France rested

The Tunisian national team pleased the fans at this tournament. The Africans played a draw with Denmark and were able to overcome the backup team of the French. Moreover, both results are relevant.

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The team was let down by the game against Australia, when they had to act as the number one. Tunisia did not have enough attacking potential to break through Matthew Ryan.

France, on the other hand, easily passed the group and even the defeat against Tunisia benefited the team. Deschamps checked the nearest reserve in action and still retained first place.

Argentina revives after the sensation

Lionel Scaloni’s side started the tournament with a surprise defeat against Saudi Arabia, putting themselves in a difficult position of needing to win both of their next matches.

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However, the “Albiceleste” gradually came to their senses and solved the problem. If in the match with the Mexicans the team did not impress for a long time and won due to the genius of Messi, then with Poland the game and the result turned out to be quite satisfactory.

Messi and the company made as many as 13 shots at the Szczesna goal, but the goalkeeper of the Poles took courage, making more than ten saves and repelling a penalty. However, Argentina scored twice and had more chances. to destroy.

This result allowed the team to win the group and qualify for Australia in the Round of 16. The main thing is not to repeat the game with Saudi Arabia.

When yellow cards are above all else

The absentee fight for second place took place between the Poles and the Mexicans. The first had a handicap of three points, but lost to Argentina without a chance.

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Mexico met with Saudi Arabia, which also had chances for the playoffs. However, a sharp start to the second half and two goals allowed Martino’s wards to seize the initiative. With scores of 2:0 in both matches, an incredible picture emerged:

Poland and Mexico scored 4 points each, sharing 2nd and 3rd places.
The total goal difference between the teams is identical – 2:2
The face-to-face meeting also did not reveal a winner, in the first round the teams played 0:0
The next criterion was the fair play indicator (the number of yellow and red cards in all matches). And here Poland had an advantage – they earned 5 “mustard” against seven from the Mexicans. Any goal in the matches could violate this provision.

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Argentina was extremely close to finishing off our neighbors. Mexico was also close to scoring a third goal. However, in the end, he was scored by the Arabs in the fifth compensated minute, when Martino’s wards ran into the attack.

Thus, for the first time in 32 years, Mexico does not enter the playoffs, and Poland gets there. However, the quality of play of Lewandowski and company leaves much to be desired. It is hard to imagine that this team can oppose the French in the 1/8 finals.